What Is CBD Shatter?

What Is CBD Shatter?

Mile High’s Finest offers customers only the natural food grade CBD, with each batch double tested so you can enjoy the best CBD shatter, free of contaminants and other cannabinoids.

Our CBD shatter is pure CBD, no THC, and super versatile. The two main forms of intake are by mouth (infused in oils and butter) and by dabbing, which is similar to vaping. To obtain the best CBD shatter, we use a process similar to CO2 extraction, separating cannabidiol from all the other elements of the hemp plant. CBD shatter belongs to the large category of CBD isolates recommended for users who want to enjoy pure cannabidiol.

The name of this product comes from its texture. CBD shatter has a crystallized, brittle texture. It has 90% potency; thus, you only need a tiny amount per use. Many customers prefer the shatter texture because it is easy to get a small portion. Also, beware that CBD wax and CBD shatter are two different products: they are quite similar, but wax does not have the brittle texture of the best CBD shatter;  CBD shatter is shiny and transparent, while the wax is opaque and has a yellow color.

Jar with CBD shatter in a crystallized texture, ready for dabbing or cooking.

How to Use CBD Shatter and a Recipe

CBD shatter can be dissolved into any fats or oils you prefer. Try using coconut oil or safflower oil even sunflower seed oil will do the trick! It can be dabbed or vaporized in a dab pen. You can even put a chunk under your tongue and the mucous membranes in your mouth will absorb the CBD. 

If you want to know how to use CBD shatter for maximum effect, dabbing is probably the most common way. We prefer dabbing out of water based dab rig equipped with a quartz nail. We have a multitude of terpene profiles to choose from. They are all natural and contain Terpenes with no fillers, the highest grade terpenes on the market. 

If you decide to cook with CBD keep in mind slow heat over 325-355 can affect the potency of your final product. Our Shatters are of the finest quality crystallized CBD so when you are fueling your endocannabinoid you can trust what you are using.

We offer the best CBD shatter and we double test each product batch! Once you learn how to use CBD shatter, you won’t want any other form!

Personally, I enjoy cold starts! This is when you place a small dab of CBD Shatter inside your nail, place the carb cap on and heat with your torch. In my experience you receive so much more flavor and the full effect of the terps on a cold start dab. With CBD not being psychoactive you can rest assured you will not get "high" but still feel the full Indica/Sativa effect.

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