Our Awards and Achievements that we are proud of

Mile Highs Finest CBD products are truly the finest.

Have you heard the news?
Mile Highs Finest CBD oils are truly the finest. We won best CBD oil!
Come find out for yourself.

Below you can find the full list of the Awards that we earned. Our team works hard to make sure that we deliver the quality product and you enjoy your experience with Mile High's Finest.

Rooster 710 Showdown 2019



In 2019, Mile Highs Finest Mimosa terpene infused CBD shatter was awarded for 1st place multiple times. Check it out on their website

Connoisseur cup 2019


"And the best CBD Shutter goes to .... Mile High's Finest!"


We are super thankful for the awards From The Connoisseur Cup! Thanks to Connoisseur Cup Team for such a great event and to everyone who voted for both our dabs and Dank Lean. Our Dank Lean Drink took home two awards!! 🥇🥇 One for Best CBD Drink Infusion and another for Best Medicated CBD Beverage. We qualified back in November to compete on 4/20 and we are super proud of the whole crew. Visit this link to see the full list of winners.  


"We take pride in quality in, and quality out." 

Mile High's Finest



Mile High's finest