Welcome to Mile High's Finest Brand New Website!

Mile High's Finest team is thrilled to announce that our new website has finally arrived with major improvements in design, content, and structure.

It is our pleasure to invite our customers to our brand new website, now available at!  Our web development team worked hard to introduce new advanced features and trendy design to our site. We revamped the structure and created more informative content for you. Visit our improved website today, and let us know what you think!

Here are the major updates: 

  • Responsive design allows you to browse the website on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
  • Our new, easy-to-use interface makes finding information a breeze.
  • We created flexible filters for a more convenient search.
  • We added a CBD Products page to show the entire range of our offerings and provide all product details.
  • New Test Results page displays our product lab tests for THC absence.
  • New CBD Education page that hopefully answers all of your CBD-related questions. 

We are still updating the website with new articles and sections to make it more convenient and informative for you. Should you have any questions, we are happy to provide a consultation by phone at (720) 297-1159

Your comments about our new website are highly appreciated! 

Thank you! 

Mile High's Finest team

Mile High's Finest