Mile High’s Finest is the community’s answer to Colorado grown CBD at an affordable price. We stand by our all natural food grade CBD derived from Colorado grown hemp . MHF is locally sourced and double lab tested for quality assurance, You can trust you are receiving the highest quality CBD for bulk or personal needs. Always starting 99% pure or higher. Our family owned company strives to exceed expectations with our relationship beginning with the hard working, innovative farmers that are pioneering our fast, vast, and ever growing industry all the way to the laboratories using state of the art extraction technology and science. To bring you a safe and clean product. We are a small family owned company and take pride in every handcrafted batch!
Founded in Denver Colorado, USA! Operated in Boulder Colorado! 


Amelia Langer 

Amelia Langer has a long decorated history in the cannabis and hemp industry. She has helped developed every brand we have created and plays a major role in the day to day operation of our company. Amelia has a 7 year history in the industry and continuing to grow!   

Richie Stokes 

Richie Stokes 

Richie has always had a passion for the hemp and cannabis industry. He left his career in the testing field, testing bioengineered medical supplies. He has always wanted to help people and his life path took him to doing so with Hemp! Richie is our production manager.