Best Wholesale CBD Flower

Whether you’re an individual or retail location looking to stock up on CBD, Mile High’s Finest has premium CBD flower to meet all of your well-being needs.

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Mile High’s Finest offers the best CBD products on the market, from balms to tinctures and more. 

But with the plethora of CBD options out there, many people forget that CBD comes in flower, too! That’s right, you can actually smoke CBD for its beneficial effects with minimal to no psychoactive side-effects of cannabis. While all of Mile High’s Finest products are made with 100% pure CBD isolate that is ZERO THC guarantee, CBD flower is not the same. All CBD flower can have trace amounts of THC, in fact, up to 0.3 % is allowed for THC content within CBD flower. 

Mile High’s Finest has years of experience in the CBD field and offers pure, premium-quality wholesale CBD flower for sale to individuals and retail stores alike.

Benefits Of CBD

If you’re looking to buy CBD flower, it’s most likely for the flower’s higher CBD content and the added benefits of natural terpenes.

CBD Flower Vs. CBD Extractions

Not only does CBD flower retain more CBD, but it also contains more terpenes as well.

Terpenes are cannabinoids that are largely responsible for the smell and taste of cannabis, but they do so much more. Emerging evidence shows that terpenes are also vital for regulating the cannabinoid experience, and that more terpenes often lead to a more positive experience. ( This is why we use all natural botanical terpenes to Mile High’s Finest CBD shatters!)

CBD extractions, on the other hand, undergo processing which removes the majority of these terpenes. So while CBD extractions like oils and creams are still incredibly useful, CBD flower delivers CBD users a more rounded, holistic cannabinoid experience.

Mile High’s Finest Wholesale CBD Flower

Whether you’re an individual looking to stock up or a retail store looking for high-quality CBD flower, Mile High’s Finest has you covered.

Ready to find the perfect CBD strain? Take a look at our catalog today!