CBD Oil Boost Your Immunity?

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Can Taking CBD Oil Boost Your Immunity?


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Description: A country has an army of men trained to protect its borders, and the body has the immune system to carry out the same function. So what can you do to make your immune system better? Maybe use CBD for immunity?


The reason people heal from infections in bacterial, viral, or fungal is attributed to the body’s immune system swooping in at the right time, fighting them off, and getting rid of them. And so, without our immune systems, we are as good as dead. And the smallest infection could kill us.


Therefore, we must do all it takes to strengthen the body’s defenses by what we eat, how we live, and the supplements we take. On the front of what we use and ingest is using CBD for immunity. CBD benefits are numerous, but do they also extend to make our immunity stronger? Let’s find out how to strengthen the immune system using CBD oil.


The body has a system called the endocannabinoid system responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. This is keeping a balance in all body systems, including hormonal, temperature, and many more.


Benefits of CBD Oil to the Immune SystemCBD facilitate cell death (apoptosis)


Cell death is vital when it comes to healing. When cells die, they create more space for newer cells to get formed and keep the cell’s job on track. If cells do not die as they should, it results in delayed or disrupted bodily functions, which could become fatal.


CBD regulates cell growth


On the other side of the coin, CBD has a significant role in keeping the cell body’s division in check. Similarly, slow cell death will affect the body; rapid cell formation could result in the construction of immature cells, which are also harmful. Cancerous cells multiply faster and result in abnormal body cells. CBD can help combat these rates and keep them within the normal range.


Anti-inflammatory properties

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The first commendable of CBD benefits that can help the immune system is its anti-inflammatory properties. This function aims to reduce the swelling of body organs, muscles, and other parts due to infection. It does not prevent the inflammation as it is a natural response to isolate the inflicted area to heal it localized.


CBD instead speeds up the reaction since extended swellings could cause nearby tissue and membranes. For example, the best CBD oil for COPD helps decrease inflammation of the respiratory system and gives you more energy to protect your body.


CBD is an immunosuppressant


CBD suppresses the production of proteins called cytokines on this health care front, which are responsible for signaling the molecules that initiate the inflammatory body response.


Chemokines are known to have the function of attracting cells to the inflicted site, and they are suppressed. The production of T-cells is also kept on a low. T-cells are the memory cells that record past infections and release antibodies in case of a similar attack.


This trait may be of benefit to someone with an autoimmune disease.


How to Take CBD Oil for an Immunity Boost


How to take CBD oil will depend on what you are comfortable with as the patient.


For starters, if you have an autoimmune disease, a doctor must be part and parcel of your decision to ingest or use any CBD products for immunity. And even so, even as a healthy person, getting medical input is still needed.


All in all, you may use the oil by dropping a few droplets under the tongue and let the oil soak into the bloodstream sublingually. Another option is mixing it with food or using capsules or gummies.


When it comes to what strength CBD oil to use, the answer is to start with small dosages and increase it at a steady pace. But your therapist can choose the right dose for you, no doubts.


Take Away


As seen in this piece, CBD has significant properties that could help strengthen the immune system. An added advantage is what it can do for people with autoimmune diseases.


What did you do to support your immunity? Leave us a comment below.



Author’s Bio: Rachel H. is a young lady in her late twenties and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was just ten years old. Rachel H. has been using CBD products since she was twenty, and now, almost a decade later, her health has become better.

Rachel H.
Rachel H.