Happy New Year

Welcome to 2022! Thank you for a great year, and here is to dedicating ourselves to a higher quality of life!

Welcome to the new year. Full of promise and nothing but up is the way to go. Or so you should see it! There is so much potential in 2022 and the key to cracking the code to a high quality of life is easier than you think. Unlocking the power of nature seems like such a fad, a bunch of snake oil and no real way to navigate the playing field. Thats where we come in. We had to reimagine what we think an honest Hemp company looked like. the epitome of Grass roots and nothing to lose we set out to add our touch to an already saturated industry but with a catch, there is no catch. Thats it, its simple natural CBD products derived from quality hemp for an affordable price. No sales gimmicks no niche products just honesty. CBD has always been this majestic product looming in head shops with no real knowledge on dosing or if the products are tested, sourced sustainably, or even made in a clean lab under state regulation. We definitely understood we were always fighting an uphill battle with Big Hemp the Gas station CBD moguls. We just didn't care, we knew if we just sold honest, clean products the rest of the peace's will fall into place. Did it work? Well kind of... We captured the attention of others that wanted to enter the space but again found it hard to navigate and hard to trust the big Hemp CBD companies that just sold confusing white label, get what you get kind of products solely made to profit and nothing else. Hemp is so much more than that. Hemp derived CBD deserves more than these quick flips make a buck guys. This is why we have taken multiple brands under our wing over the past few years and we are only growing our family! We love to create and bring vision to life and most of all helping people. These companies are no nonsense real people making real products simple and true. Riverbend CBD has been making Hemp Derived CBD products for years, manufactured by us. The same award-winning quality goes into every drop of Riverbend CBD and has fueled champions and Olympians alike. From the best in the world Professional obstacle course racing has to offer to Olympian marathon runners all the way to moms and dads just getting through the marathon of the work week, Riverbend CBD had been able to offer Amazing CBD oil, and creams that everyone's who tries it swears by it! Working With Riverbend CBD in the Hemp space has been wonderful and we can't wait to see where 2022 takes them! we will be with them every step of the way and hope you get a chance to visit their website and learn more about the crew out on New Jersey! Back here in Denver Cowgirl Soss has been making waves with their award-winning unique CBD offerings. Actually, their catalog doesn't stop at the cannabinoid CBD it extends into CBG isolate and CBN isolate even high-end full spectrum whole plant medicine. Cowgirl Soss made a splash in the Hemp industry with their signature SexSoss a bold personal lube made with natural ingredients for your whoha and pure CBD isolate. They quickly became an award-winning brand and vastly expanded their catalog. Being such a great family company, it was easy to understand where they wanted to stand in Hemp. and boy did they make their statement and stand there proud. When you visit you are greeted with trust, reassurance you made the right choice, and a personal feeling. After your purchase you feel like you know the owners and are receiving your CBD products from friends. It's something different for a change. These brands are personal, they are an extension of themselves and you feel the difference in using the products and your interactions with them. 2022 will be no different. The same transparency and quality you have come known to love. that's our pledge to you, that's what Hemp deserves and we plan to continue to execute! So here is to 2022!! We do have some surprises early this year, we are expanding our family again and can't wait for the world to know!!!!   

Mile High's Finest